• Stephanie Sarris

How to Decorate: Where do I Begin?

A common question I get is “Where do I start decorating my room?” Hopefully, you’ve started with calling Bellehaven Designs to help you through the process. But, if you possess the DIY gene, you might want to try forging ahead on your own.

Carefully-thought-out Master Bathroom Design
Thoughtfully Designed Master Bathroom

I begin with the element in the room that has the least number of choices and then gradually work out towards selections with myriad options, like paint colors.

Let’s say you’re planning to redecorate your master bathroom. After taking a spin on Pinterest and gathering ideas of what you do and do not like, begin with shopping for any patterned tile you’d like to use. Then, pick your large scale solid or textured tiles for most of the space. These are very specific and will determine the design direction for the rest of your space.

Next, in the process, pick the cabinetry finish or paint color. Which leads to picking the countertop material. Decide which metal finish you want for the plumbing fixtures and lighting. Pick the finish first, because not all brands and fixture lines come in all finishes – especially the newer finishes like Kohler’s Brushed Gold. Then within this group, pick the faucets, towel bars, etc. that best work with your taste and the bathroom’s emerging style.

Master Bathroom Elements
Elements of a Beautifully-designed Master Bathroom

This leads to picking out your cabinet hardware and any decorative lighting. Then, your vanity mirror(s). Finally, select your towel and bath mat colors that coordinate with your tiles. Lastly pick your paint color – there are thousands from which to choose.

By the end pf this thought process, you will have a good grasp on how to best use your time to make beautiful selections for your bathroom - or any other room in your home!