• Stephanie Sarris

Accessorizing: Design's Underrated Superpower

Sometimes, the difference between a “Wow!” room and one that falls flat is in the accessories. Many underestimate the power of completing the final 5% of the design. Not sure? Look at these examples.


Unaccessorized hall bath
Hall Bath - Before Accessorizing

This hall bath, while containing some beautiful elements like the metallic grasscloth wallpaper and the knockout quartz countertop, lacks some oomph. Even the awesome leather-upholstered mirror just blends into a sea of beige.

Look at what happens with the addition of a simple window treatment, flowers, and coral towels.

Hall Bath
Hall Bath - After Accessorizing

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom - Before Accessorizing
Master Bedroom - Before Accessorizing

Here’s another potentially beautiful room that doesn’t quite knock it out of the park. The soft and feminine color palette of brass and teal appears very humdrum without a few accessories.

Look at what the addition of some vibrant velvet pillows, bedside lamps, and some carefully edited objects d’art adds to the aesthetic. The room comes alive as a peaceful and feminine retreat away from quotidian cares.

Fully-accessorized Master Bedroom
Fully-accessorized Master Bedroom

Dining Room

Dining Room - before Accessorizing
Dining Room - Before Accessorizing

This vintage dining room possesses some very strong design elements: the dark accent French doors wall, the “badass” chandelier, and warmly welcoming wood floors. Still, it fails to welcome guests. What’s missing? Accessories, of course!

The addition of a very special hand knotted wool rug, fresh florals, and a bit of decluttering raises this room up to its potential.

Dining Room - after Accessorizing
Dining Room - After Accessorizing

Do you have any rooms in your home needing that final 5%? Don’t stop now – you’re so close to a vibrantly welcoming room. Tell us about them in the Comments section. And if you want a bit of help, we are here for you.