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How to Decorate: Rugs

A well-designed room is about so much more than the four walls and the furniture. The hashtag #fifthwall reminds us to remember the ceiling of the room as another place to create. Today. I’m arguing for the #sixthwall, the floor, as an essential part of a well-designed room. And, as a big textile fan, area rugs and carpet are my favorite ways to liven up an otherwise-dull floor.

Area Rugs

Of course, area rugs are always welcome on wood floors. In this hallway, without the area rug, this furniture would appear anchorless. The rug clearly delineates the seating area from the rest of the hallway. And its abstract design brings an eclectic feel to this furniture grouping.

Area Rug Anchoring the Furniture Grouping


Bland Family Room

In this home, the clients were very conservative in their carpeting choice – a neutral cut pile. This enabled them to feel secure that they wouldn’t soon tire of it – who wants to re-carpet their house every few years? Yet, this family room fell flat with four beige walls and a large beige floor. Something was missing…

Warm & Inviting Family Room

In this case, we added a richly patterned area rug to define the sofa seating area and, as you can see, it elevates the style of this room considerably. Now the clients’ warm and welcoming personalities are revealed. Lesson here? Don’t be afraid to layer rugs on top of carpet. Just speak to an expert where you buy the area rug to ensure you also purchase the proper rug pad.

Patterned Carpeting

Or you can eschew the area rug and add interest to your floor with patterned wall-to-wall carpet, as in this example, to add texture and warmth to your room.

Patterned Carpeting (photo courtesy of Fabrica)

However you do it, keep your “sixth wall” in mind when decorating your room and elevate your home’s aesthetic.

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