Art Collectors' Refined Home


Living & Dining Rooms, Kitchen Cornice


Barry Rustin, Barry Rustin Photography

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Design Challenge

Our scope included assessing the clients' existing furnishings – imported from the larger suburban home where they raised their children – determining which elements worked with their new space and what simply did not work with their new lifestyle. 


We identified their favorite and most meaningful pieces of art, and planned to feature these pieces in their living room.  The challenge was designing a warmly welcoming and comfortable space for entertaining and relaxing that did not overshadow nor mitigate the art installation.  At the same time, we wanted to avoid a cold, “Art Museum” effect as this did not reflect the clients’ personalities at all.

Designed Solution

We rearranged the living room floorplan by flipping the placement of their sofa and loveseat to the south and west walls to create a more open and welcoming feel to the space, at the same time, allowing a nice view of the gold course from our upholstered pieces. 


We changed the boxy and oversized upholstery to a more streamlined sofa and loveseat.  Then,  a bit of an edge was added with new mid-scale leather upholstered occasional chairs.